Buddha Bar, Belgrade – Serbia


The first Buddha-Bar restaurant opened its doors in Paris in 1996 with a vision to mix a set of values that connect the eastern and western civilizations. Its ground breaking Pan Asian menu, chic nightclub vibe and memorable music experiences created a venue of choice for the city’s beau monde.

Since then, the Buddha-Bar brand has taken over the world and established cherished outposts in locations like Marrakech, London, Dubai, Caracas… where customers can have a great time and experience something unique, while being protected by a monumental Buddha statue.

The first Buddha-Bar restaurant in the Balkans has found the perfect spot in the new exclusive center of the Serbian capital – Belgrade Waterfront promenade.
Customers will not only enjoy the exotic Buddha-Bar experience, but also feel a unique touch of Belgrade in it.

Buddha-Bar restaurant is dominated by the five meters tall Buddha statue.
All the details, colors, and patterns are mixed in such a way to make guests feel like they have travelled to far away Asia.

Buddha Bar
Hercegovačka 14a/b, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Telefono: +381 11 4125601