Txalupa Gastroleku, San Sebastian – Spain


The txalupa, or small whaling boat, is the main source of inspiration for the design of Txalupa Gastroteka. This craft was invented by the Basques before its use spread to many other communities. It was used to hunt whales and catch fish throughout the entire Atlantic region.

Txalupa’s bar, its dining room, its visible kitchen, its ropes and menu, all pay sincere homage to those sailors and their boats, which, thanks to their versatility and robustness, form an integral part of traditional Basque imagery today.


The handmade ceramic tiles of intense blue and subtle imperfections, designed specifically for the project, give an aquatic feeling.

As a colour counterpoint, light and warm ropes, a traditional material in the fishing world, provide some privacy and cosiness to sitting areas.

A door located on the main floor leads to a speakeasy-dining room.

Designed to turn into a nightclub and/or to house ad-hoc private events, it is equipped with its own kitchen and a very special cocktail bar with a nocturnal and sophisticated atmosphere.

Design finds inspiration in an old boat cellar, where the warm golden wood-tone envelops us, in contrast to the blue maritime floor.

The connecting stairway between the two spaces becomes one of the main protagonists of the project. A narrow and mysterious tunnel tinted with red light helps us attract, thanks to its symbolism, customers in search of a more nocturnal and forbidden experience…

Two rooms, two atmospheres and a single leitmotif which can be combined to produce the perfect event.

Photo credits: Adrià Goula
Design: El Equipo Creativo

Txalupa Gastroleku
Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 3, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Phone: +34 843 68 50 19