Coffee Door, Kiev – Ukraine


CoffeeDoor is of a mixed format, where you drink coffee, buy coffee grounds or take away a hot cup.
Natural materials, wicker light fixtures and pillow mountain on a bench to put from head to toe.

Color palette based on basic brown and blue accentual shades. It was important to achieve the feeling you came to a friend for a cup of coffee and spend an hour or two in a relaxed atmosphere.
A podium divided the open space into two parts.

There are just a few tables at the coffee shop. An open rack modestly stands in the corner. If you’re puzzled over a choice, the consultant will pick your ideal morning coffee and tell you what is the best to a chocolate croissant or a salty toast.

On the first level you will find a huge upholstered bench along the wall with small tables built in.

On the second level there is a coffee bar, a lavatory and four separate tables. Furniture and lighting were designed to highlight the character of the coffee house. The prototype of black metal fixtures became a coffee grain. The light strip divides a round shape, providing a harmonious unity.

The core of the CoffeeDoor concept is opening the door to the world of coffee.
That’s why a starting point of the design was a decorative wall – massive blue doors with a patina finish.

A wicker composition found its place above the coffee bar. Hand-made lamps made of vines give a warm memory of home in a material shell. Just look, and thoughts will carry you to a terrace, put on a rocking chair, and even cover with a plaid.

Credit Pics @ Andrii Shurpenkov
Architect and description: Sergey Makhno Architects

Illinska St, 8, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 63 874 8869