Conemoting Market, Shenzhen – China


The Conemoting Market lies next to the old residential buildings of the 1990s in Shenzhen.

As most of the post-90s generation in China are spending more time on the internet, stores have evolved from a simple sales space into a lifestyle carrier, and then transformed into a social place. Nowadays, stores are no longer just displaying and selling goods, they should be called “online physical space”.

In Conemoting Market, display and counter sales can already be handled as a supplementary function of the online stores. In the online shop, the creativity of designers is stimulated and the technique of expression began to exaggerate, so the wonderful ideas of specific materials, colors, objects, lights, and sounds are further developed.

In other words, Conemoting Market is a physical space created for the online space, where the self-expression desire from the young generation can be released, the passion and inclusiveness of the old city community is ignited, meanwhile, it reflects the progress of the diversification of commercial ecology in Chinese cities.

The space narrative language of Conemoting Market can be almost laissez-faire: allegory, hallucinations, pain, innocence, traps, ambiguous, pharmacies, warnings, science fiction, comfort, steps, classic, plot, cute, black and white, red and desire are all harmoniously placed together in the 580-square-meter space.

The function limitations of the brick-and-mortar stores are easily broken in Conemoting Market.

Here, customers can take photos in store as a way of value growth. Design gives this shop a new profit channel.

The ground floor functions as café in the daytime and a bar in the evening. The transparent orange and red acrylic plates divide the dining area, building a psychedelic visual effect; the warm colors are highlighted by the contrast with the cold silver façade, making it stand out in the community.

Credit Pics @ Xiaoyun
Architect and description: Yebin Design