Patara, Moscow – Russia


A cozy Georgian restaurant, slap in the center of the Patriarch’s Ponds district. Its name in Georgian means ‘tiny’, and no one would disagree! The entrance is set directly in the arch from the courtyard. The door practically leads into the kitchen, giving the idea that you’ve come in through the back door.

The kitchen is situated right in the center, and takes up nearly all the available space, yet amazingly they manage to seat up to 55 covers around the edges, if Manana or Tamara were running the kitchen, you’d feel right at home in an apartment in Tbilisi. Yet no command of the kitchen is in the hands of Nik Metreveli and Ilya Benashvili, elevating its food to the level of a gastronomic feast.

The design project want to replicate the feeling of a cozy Tbilisi apartment, and this governed the choice of decor and materials: lots of stone, solid wood, and astounding made to order plateware enamelled in blue. But the attention to detail doesn’t stop there: there is also eight and a half thousand spoons, all specially brought in from Tbilisi, and lending a particularly warm and welcoming Georgian lustre.

Architects, Pics and description: Megre Interiors
Photo editing: Marco Beolchi

Yermolayevskiy Ln, 7, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 985 077-03-18