Ophelia, Hong Kong – China


Ophelia is a “one of a kind” venue in Hong Kong where the interior design is built around a central theme: the peacock.

Taking inspiration from Hong Kong’s history, waitresses in cheongsams sashay through the intimate alcoves and semi private rooms, reminiscent of the city’s 19th century upscale opium dens which have been brought into modern day through the use of intricate metal work, handmade plush velvet furniture and resplendent peacock feathers.

Ophelia deserves to win because of the careful attention to detail in every aspect of the design. For example, a hidden entrance in “Mr Wong’s Aviary” leads into Ophelia with peacock pictures screen painted on bamboo, 32 steel, copper and stainless steel industrial peacock art pieces with plumage made from peacock feathers, 600.000 ceramic tiles that were individually hand-painted to get the colours of peacock feather’s “eye”.

Innovative techniques were also employed on the arches by cutting steel bars into 1inch tubes before welding them together to create a rolling line on top of the steel to emulate the pattern of birds’ legs with the addition of metal sheets that they have been laser cut with the peacock feathers motif. For the “inner terrace”, the roof/walls were covered with steel plates to create a different atmosphere.

Metal fans laser cut into peacock shapes adorn the walls and even the overhead fans have laser cut feather pattern on the blades. The lights on the ceiling simulate the eye of the peacock feather through the use of a lutron system which changes colour to give a shimmering effect like a peacock’s feathers when it’s turning.

Architects, Pics and description: Ashley Sutton
Photo editing: Marco Beolchi

Shop F39A & F41A, 1/F, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2520 1117