GODS, Saint Petersburg – Russia


GODS is a story of enlightenment and cognition; art in its purest form which manifests itself in everything: interior, dishes, cocktails.

In the interior of GODS you can observe the totality of different eras of art: the Middle Ages, the beauty of the Renaissance, the mythology of Ancient Greece, contemporary art in collaboration with antique statues and engravings. The sculpture of Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s “hands”, engravings by Gustave Dore, Heinrich Aldegrever’s Hercules, fittings from Fitzgerald’s books – stealing beauty in everything!

The menu of GODS is built on the idea of taste research – it combines the geographical diversity of recipes, a modern interpretation of the classics and an original presentation: dishes from different cuisines of the world, each prepared according to the author recipes using molecular technologies.

The cocktail card of GODS is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to the external, bodily side of the universe; the second is internal, spiritual. In the first section, light and refreshing mixes will be presented, in the second – more complex and strong ones.

Design: In house

Rubinstein St, 16, St Petersburg, Russia, 191025
Phone: +7 981 821-08-88