Sartoria Lamberti, Moscow – Russia


A conceptual Italian restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, curated the chef Uilliam Lamberti, conceived as being a place where passion for fashion and food mingle, creating an experience attacking all the senses.

Guests are immersed in a vast range of sensations – where dish presentation, interior design and lighting, smells and sounds, textures and colors, lure into the world of top-class style and exquisite Italian cuisine.

At the core of this concept is the love for Italian fashion and craftsmanship. The sartoria in the heart of the restaurant – a glass enclosure with sewing machines, mannequins and fabrics, is not for decorative value. Each guest receives a handkerchief with their monogram to commemorate their visit. But the theme does not end there. The left wall of the restaurant has a massive stained oak cabinet that contains not only rows upon rows of real tailor patterns but three glass display cubes. The cubes host a carefully curated collection of museum quality fashion pieces – from James Bond suits to Royal dresses.

Since Sartoria Lamberti is located inside the hotel, a large entrance has been created for a smooth transition between the contrasting atmosphere of the restaurant and the hotel. The second, street entrance welcomes guests with a host counter of a vintage sewing machine and takes one on a journey through a mirror-clad corridor before opening up in the heart of the restaurant. This design solution enables to enter the restaurant without passing through the hotel lobby and to close part of the venue for a private event.

The restaurant space is interconnected; all functions and zones combine to form a whole, fitting seamlessly, like parts of a perfectly tailored suit.

Everything here is about the sartoria – of fashion, of food, of life. Not only the actual sartoria attributes – the patterns cabinets, the tailors sartoria and costumes displays. But the open kitchen is an arrangement of the sewing desks. The seating next to the kitchen is like a dressing room. The Tailor sofas are as stacks of fabrics. The brass columns were inspired by the tailor’s thimbles, adorning the name of the restaurant. Bocci chandeliers inspired by shirt cuffs and rolls of thread. The fireplace, with white candle wax overflowing onto the floor, was designed resembling a tri-fold dressing room mirror.

For the attentive guests, there are plenty of hidden details, such as the ruler notches on the sides of the tables. Even cutlery has been carefully curated to unravel the concept.

Credit Pics @ Nikita Kryuchkov
Architects and description: Megre Interiors

Sartoria Lamberti
The Ritz-Carlton, Tverskaya St, 3, Moscow, Russia, 125009
Phone: +7 495 795-00-25