Misu, Trade Tower, Bangalore – India


Set inside the newest Prestige development in their Al Fresco style dining area, the third Misu is fresh, bright and botanical. With a ‘Mid Summer Nights Dream’ feel, this cozy space is full of cheer and glee. The main wall is long and magical, drawing you in to its every detail. Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s avant- garde and art nouveau works, the enigmatic face of an Asian woman is also set inside a dreamy lush garden where the flowers and leaves take on a mosaic feel. It’s interesting to note that Klimt himself was influenced by Japanese art.

Just like the two outlets before this one, the third Misu also has elements of nature within the design; whether it’s in the imagery, the colours , or the upholstery. The colour blocks of salmon pink meeting the deep blue represents a fiery dusk rose sky meeting the blue waters. The round backlit mirror recalls the sun, perhaps an eclipse. The loosely hung fabric represents the wind and the whole botanical feel with the use of several plants reprints the earth.

Elements from the two outlets before this one are used for brand recall. While some furniture elements and colours are similar , they are used in different ways to impart a slightly different feel. Like all Misu’s, the coziness lends itself to a space that is comfortable and chic for all occasions.

Photo Credits: The Dusky Chic and Meister Meister Photography
Architect: FADD Studio

Misu Trade Tower
Prestige Trade Tower, Misu, The Courtyard, Ground Floor, Palace Rd, High Grounds, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India
Phone: +91 91488 75228