Orvay, Barcelona – Spain


Orvay is located in the heart of the Born district, right opposite the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.
Orvay was born from a passion for gastronomy and good food, a place to share and enjoy and feel at home.
All this in a crazy atmosphere and a warm and pleasant decoration that tries to reinvent the traditional concept of a wine bar.
The interior of Orvay is a metaphor through its colours for the different stages of winemaking, with wine being an essential element that complements the tapas and dishes on the menu.

Photo credits: Salva Lòpez and José Hevia
Photo editing: Marco Beolchi
Architects: Isern Serra and Sylvan Carlet

Passeig del Born, 4, 08003 Barcelona, Spagna
Phone: +34 938 32 45 04

Passeig del Born 4, Barcellona, Catalunya, Spagna