Il Diavolo L’Acqua Santa, Como – Italy


“Il Diavolo L’Acqua Santa” is a multifunctional space created following the renovation of the stables of the nearby Castello dei Conti Reina in Como (Quarcino), which gave life to an original and innovative food and beverage project in Como.

Inside the structure there are three different dining areas: the restaurant “Le Scuderie”, the “Gourmet Lounge” and “I sette peccati dello chef” (anti-democratic cuisine), where you can taste different ideas of traditional cuisine with a touch of imagination.

The design furnishings, between tradition and modernity, and thoughtful lighting, make these living rock spaces welcoming and vibrant.

Credit Pics @ Newisibility
Architects: Andrea Langhi Design

Il Diavolo L’acqua Santa
Via S. Giacomo, 36/A, 22100 Como, Italy
Phone: 031 249 4363