Gran Fierro, Prague – Czech Republic


The Argentinian restaurant Gran Fierro opened in 2015 in Voršilská Street in the centre of Prague.
Five years have passed, and the owner of the restaurant Juan Cruz Pacin was forced to move his successful business to a new address, in Myslíkova Street, near a unique functionalist building – the Mánes Gallery.
The effort to make the most of the original equipment and furnishings somehow determined the direction, the materials used and the colors of the interiors.

New elements have been included in the design, always referring to construction raw materials, which however take on a completely new function. The exposed steel HEB beams serve as a base for the benches, the iron bars optically divide the space or serve as a shelf for a generous wine cellar, designed on the entire wall. Welded wire mesh serves as trellis for green plants and garden fences.

Newly appeared concrete blocks create a dominant decorative skin wall right in the entrance part of the restaurant. This wall is a symbolic legacy of a new approach – not only in the architect´s concept, but above all the new mindset and philosophy of Gran Fierro and its owner, who exchanged charcoal for bio charcoal, which they started making themselves from vegetable waste from the kitchen.

Therefore, inside each concrete block levitates piece of charcoal, the wall is like a show case, charcoal is like a jewel in it.
This visual concept also continues at the back of the restaurant, where, for example, the vault of one of the lounges is created from pieces of levitating charcoal.

The newly born Gran Fierro covers an area of 390 m2 (incl. Garden) with a total capacity of 163 seats. The restaurant is divided into 3 main parts – the main area with an integrated open kitchen, an outdoor garden with a winter garden and a rear wing with VIP lounges.

It was a challenge to take the elements of an original design and make them work in a new space with new elements. And specially with new concepts, the restaurant has gone through a powerful transformation that needed to be addressed by the design.

Credit Pics @ BoysPlayNice
Architects and description: Formafatal

Gran Fierro
Myslíkova 8, 110 00 Nové Město, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 773 700 377