Linow Hotel & Bar, Xi’an – China


Xi’an LINOW HOTEL & BAR uses the walls of the ancient capital brick as a key design element that blends “old” and “new” and innovates on materials, colours, contours, lines and even stacking scales to create a unique, intense and exaggerated sense of space. This becomes a brand new container, with a versatile modern life scene.⁠

The design is disassembled and reorganized in the method and material aspects. By innovating the materials, the old elements are endowed with a new language. In different spaces, various spatial experiences are achieved by creating a contrast between the old and new; relying on halos on the surface of materials, a cascading, transformable and psychedelic effect is so created as a response to the bottom color of soil.

The hotel with three floors is provided with diversified functions such as bar, restaurant, reception, fitness building and entertainment. By arranging their motion lines, spatial pattern without mutual interference is thereby formed. Also, different spatial experiences are created by using different materials for each space. The brick wall element exists from the beginning to end in various forms, connecting the memory of the space.

Eventually, the possibility and visual impact of the brick wall is greatly released from laminating pattern and enclosed form to color, varying in order. The space is separated subtly with different curved surfaces.
In addition to the flowing brick wall, abundant and unpredictable lighting changes and velour elements are applied in the interior space, and the design creates a sense of constant motion with visual clues and colors. The spiral stair on the side, made of red painted steel plates, is twisting while going up. The striking color and posture make it like a sculpture, which attracts your eyes in a way that cannot be ignored.

With due consideration for the quaint city walls and glass curtain wall, LINOW is a critical point that can creates a brand-new field to get rid of the limitation of history and presents a lighter and unruly connection between yesterday and today of Xi’an.

Here, the boundary is indistinct. The mirror finish ceilings and hollowed-out brick walls provide different visual angles for glimpsing and observing.
As you walk there, the slow and modest panning angle suggests the presence of a continuum of greater experience. People are always looking at a real cross section, sometime only part of it.
It is not real and clear, as the memory of the elements is highly abstracted through way of listing, the dreamy emotion fragments.

Credit Pics @ Jack Qin, Kaijian Lee, Xiao Tan
Architects: Republican Metropolis Architecture

Linow Hotel & Bar
311 West St, Zhong Lou Shang Quan, Lianhu District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, 710002
Phone: +86 159 0929 4255