Coffeetea Eatery, Dubai – United Arab Emirates


This 200 sqm café has a split concept that is derived from having a split personality between a coffee lover or a tea lover. The green represents tea and the brown represents coffee. It’s a very literal translation but the result is outstanding.

The ceiling design was inspired by the coffee bean in its original form while it’s on the Arabica Tree; the green preserved moss replicates the leaves while the red glass characterizes raw coffee beans.
The symmetrical pattern of arches on the wall and the floor provides layers and design feature that is very minimalist and refreshing.

The façade projects a sense of grandeur welcoming the customers with a vivid and nostalgic color palette. There’s a feature for brick wall with recessed plants in a shape of a tree that promotes a biophilic approach. To add the feeling of an outdoor backyard, a window with droplets was created to deliver a cozy ambiance. The contrasting hard and soft colors and design details reflects the characters enhanced by the branding integrated into the café through signage.
An imaginative and evocative space with a relaxed and indulgent atmosphere.

Architects and description: 4Space Design

Coffeetea Eatery
Dubai International Financial Center Precinct Building 3, The Balcony (Level 2 – المركز التجاريDIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 392 2121